Interview with Lisa from Run City Mum, for July’s “Working Mum Series”. We talk about juggling motherhood and family life with running a buisness.

“10. Can you tell us one lesson that you have learned from your child/children and one that you have taught them?

Each of them taught me something. My first one taught me that there are more important things in life than my next big transaction, and not to take anything for granted.

My second one taught me that things don’t need to be perfect, that I’m capable of a huge amount of love that multiplies when shared, and that I can be extremely strong when I need to!

My third taught me to trust again, to trust that everything will be alright.

And my fourth taught me to forget about perfection, and to just roll with it and enjoy every minute!

I hope I am teaching them to be resilient, kind, generous people. I’m also big on table manners, but often doesn’t pan out…” 

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