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About our toile de Jouy

Welcome to Annafie, where we’ve been designing enchanting handsmocked and embroidered toile de Jouy dresses, rompers and matching handbags since 2011.

Our collection is curated with love, adorned with the grace of bygone eras and features our signature toile — a modern reinterpretation of the classic toile de Jouy pattern.

What is toile de Jouy? A brief history

In the eighteenth century, printed toile fabric originated in Ireland but gained fame in France when Christophe-Philipe Oberkampf opened a factory in Jouy-en-Josas in 1760. Despite its Irish roots, it became known as toile de Jouy, named after the town near Paris where Oberkampf’s factory was located. Oberkampf’s venture marked one of the earliest large-scale productions of toile, which quickly became popular across Europe, particularly among French nobility.

Our toile de Jouy smocked dresses and accessories

Inspired by the French countryside scenes immortalised in toile de Jouy, our dresses and matching accessories brings forth a tapestry of dreams, where pastoral motifs dance amidst soft hues and delicate embroidery. Imagine your little princess twirling in a handsmocked toile de Jouy dress, the intricate details capturing the imagination and igniting a sense of wonder. Each stitch is a testament to the artistry of our skilled dressmakers, who imbue every garment with a touch of magic and a whisper of nostalgia.

Our toile de Jouy smocked rompers

For your little adventurers, our rompers offer both style and comfort, allowing them to explore the world with ease while exuding an air of sophistication that is simply undeniable. Whether it’s a special occasion or a day filled with play, our handsmocked and embroidered toile de Jouy outfits promise to elevate every moment.

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